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Alcohol Addiction: Are You An Addict & Can Alcoban Help You?


Quit Alcohol

Do you enjoy having a drink? Have people around you started calling you an alcoholic, even though you only drink occasionally? Want freedom from all the advice and suggestions to try a Nasha Mukti Dawa?

It is not always easy to tell the difference between addiction and just occasional indulgence.

Want to know for sure? Then, keep reading!

The simplest definition of alcohol addiction is when a person has a strong desire to use alcohol, no matter what the consequences might be. Dependence and addiction are two very different things. Dependence is physiological while addiction is psychological. Though they may occur separately, they usually emerge at the same time.

Remember: The first step to alcohol addiction treatment is knowing that you have an issue.

Increased Tolerance

This is the first major warning sign of alcoholism. Do you find yourself drinking a lot more than you used to feel drunk? Do you need to drink far more than your friends to get drunk? This means tolerance, which may be an early warning sign of alcoholism. Tolerance refers to the fact that over time, you need to drink more and more to feel the same effects as earlier.

Drinking to relax or de-stress

Drinking problems begin when people use alcohol to comfort themselves and relieve stress. Ending every stressful day by getting drunk or downing a drink every time you have an argument with your spouse or boss is a surefire gateway to getting addicted to drinking.

Stages of Alcohol Abuse

There are four stages of alcohol abuse:

At-risk stage: Drinking socially or drinking to relieve stress or for comfort. You may start developing a tolerance for alcohol.

Early alcohol use disorder: Regular blackouts, drinking alone or in secret and thinking a lot about alcohol.

Mid-stage alcohol use disorder: Out of control alcohol use. Problems with daily life such as work, financial, family, physical and mental health. Severe alcohol addiction symptoms like organ damage.

alcohol use disorder: Drinking becomes the main focus of life. Despair and severe health effects.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Drinking far more alcohol than you used to drink earlier

Spending too much time, money and energy on buying and drinking alcohol

Regularly being hungover and recovering from alcohol

Showing frequent signs of intoxication, such as slurred speech, poor coordination and walking problems

Regularly getting injured from falling or doing risky things

Not taking care of yourself and poor hygiene

Smelling of alcohol. Having many empty bottles around you

Significant changes in weight

you are an alcoholic you may become increasingly secretive about your activities in order to avoid people’s concerns or get the advice to stop. You may also start drinking in secret, away from concerned friends and family.

Drinking may also make you more vulnerable to accidents and showing signs of injury. You may also be hiding alcohol around the house or at work. You may become scared of running out of alcohol, so you keep a ready supply nearby.

Another symptom of alcohol addiction is not caring about your hygiene and physical appearance. It will also affect your relationships across the full spectrum of life. A calm person may shift into moodiness, depression, or irritability when they become intoxicated.

Treatment of alcohol addiction

If you do indeed find the above symptoms familiar, then it may be time for you to stop drinking alcohol. While you may be worried about alcohol withdrawal, this is where Alcoban Anti-Addiction Drops can be your friend. Alcoban homeopathic anti-addiction medicine significantly curbs the withdrawal symptoms and also cravings. It has a 84% success rate especially when it comes to preventing relapse in addicts. In fact , nowadays many rehab centres also suggest the use of Alcoban. This is a very potent medication that can make your anti-addiction journey 10 times easier.

Alcoban Uses exceed alcohol addiction treatment. It also helps in curbing smoking, drugs, tobacco and other addictions. If you’re worried about Alcoban Side Effects, there are none.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a step into an alcohol-free life now!